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CfsItalia is a place where those afflicted by CFS can obtain information, exchange ideas and support each other in the quest to both reach a cure and to offer moral support in the everyday effort to deal with the symptoms and agony caused by this debilitating illness.

It is a meeting place where everyone is welcome to share ideas and experiences in an effort to bring comfort and acknowledgement to those afflicted by CFS, and to their families who share the burden of dealing with the disease.

In this worldwide virtual community, CfsItalia recognizes that the shared experiences of those dealing with CFS can bring comfort and relief, and here in our community everyone can express their opinion, their successes, and their failures in an effort to bring relief to those of us who suffer with you.

Everyone is welcome, and all we ask is that all our participants respect the views of other members of the forum so that we can offer a safe harborage for the exchange of ideas in a non-judgmental atmosphere of tranquil cooperation and the free exchange of experiences that can lead to a common solution to our problems.

This exchange of information may bring to light novel and unique approaches to handling your own difficulties and offer you solutions that you may never have thought of on your own.

While diagnosis and treatments of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), is the job of qualified doctors and diagnostic centers we would caution you to never follow advice contrary to your physicians directions based on the information contained in the site. Advice and comments relative to drugs and treatment protocols or other suggestions exchanged among people in the forum, can’t and must not replace the opinion of doctors. For this reason, we suggest you to consult your doctor before undertaking and therapy or pharmacological course of action.Advice of our specialists must be considered as possible indications of CFS and not as a positive diagnosis which can only be made by medical professionals.

The CfsItalia site is composed by several areas. Some areas can be referenced by you to obtain information that might be useful in dealing with the symptoms of the disease. In other areas, we encourage your participation give others the benefit of your experiences.

CfsItalia is divided according to topics of interest in order to make easier to find the specific area of interest to each individual. For this reason we ask you to take this division into consideration and to respect this division when you want to post your comments for the community to share. In order to assure that there is continuity and order to the site, CfsItalia may reassign your comments to a more appropriate areas of subject matter.

For others rules and conditions please visit the“REGULATION AREA”

To keep you up to date , it is possible to review topics previously discussed in the forum by just clicking on the “SEARCH” option and inserting the “key word” regarding the topic you are searching for.

If you are new in the forum e strongly suggest that you take a few minutes to review older postings in order to clarify current comments.

The administration of CfsItalia is at your disposal for information, explanations or clarifications. We will attempt to give to precise answers to your questions and offer you whatever assistance you need to simplify your concerns. If it needs, we'll do our best and all that is in our power to assure the freedom and the peace of everyone.

Welcome to our community and CfsItalia is here to support you and assist you in dealing with your problems by providing up to date information, reference points and personal support.

Please feel free to contact us at:

We wish you health, tranquility, and peace of mind.


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