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International M.e. Expert Disputes That 'cfs' Xmrv

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Inviato 07 settembre 2010 - 17:29:24

From The Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E. (HFME):

HFME press release: International M.E. expert disputes that 'CFS' XMRV retrovirus claim has relevance to M.E. patients.
September 7th 2010.


World-renowned Myalgic Encephalomyelitis expert, Dr Byron Hyde, about to undertake a speaking tour of Australia, has made the following statement about mistaking the research done so far on the hyped XMRV[1] retrovirus and 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' (CFS) patients with evidence of any relationship to M.E.:

In four of the sixty M.E. epidemics an enterovirus was recovered. In over 50 other [M.E.] epidemics, no virus was recovered but the average incubation period of the infection in these epidemics was 3-6 days, as it is in all enterovirus infections. However, the "incubation period of [the not enterovirus, but retrovirus] XMRV is up to 21 days which makes it impossible to cause an epidemic illness. [2]

Dr Hyde will speak in several Australian cities, including Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, in September 2010.

Dr Hyde is uniquely qualified to speak on M.E., having investigated M.E. for many decades, including the M.E. epidemics in Australia, Iceland, the USA, New Zealand and the UK. Dr Hyde's comments also fit with evidence from the other leading M.E. experts with decades of experience with the disease such as Dr Dowsett, Dr Ramsay and Dr Richardson.

Dr Hyde has also worked on debunking the relatively recent notion that "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (a bogus or 'wastebasket' disease category invented in 1988), or the related "CFIDS" and "ME/CFS" concepts, are synonymous with M.E. WHO ICD-10:

M.E. has a clearly defined disease process while CFS by definition has always been a syndrome... The physician and patient alike should remember that CFS is not a disease. It is a chronic fatigue state. Where the one essential characteristic of M.E. is acquired Central Nervous System (CNS) dysfunction, that of CFS is primarily chronic fatigue.[3]

HFME founder Jodi Bassett commented:

The forthcoming visit to Australia by the world's most authoritative spokesperson on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is an excellent chance for us to assess what kind of fundraising and research initiatives can make a significant difference for all those touched by M.E. It can help debunk the harmful conflation of M.E. with "CFS" that results in many patients and their supporters devoting vital energies and resources to much-hyped but inappropriate treatments and so-called 'advocacy' campaigns which not in the best interests of M.E. patients, and can be harmful to M.E. patients.

Dr Hyde's experience gives him a unique insight into what is needed now for M.E. and into the deficiencies with current claims about XMRV research indicating a future treatment or prevention model for M.E.

Claims that the XMRV virus has been shown to be the cause of M.E. or that this test is useful in diagnosing M.E. are false, misleading and unethical. Research done on patients with a wide variety of diseases involving fatigue and/or immune problems, and discussed under the "CFS" banner, usually has nothing to do with M.E., and the much-hyped and very slickly promoted XMRV research is, based on all of the evidence produced thus far, just another such example[4].

M.E. is a distinct neurological disease. 'CFS' is always a MISdiagnosis. M.E. and 'CFS' are not the same. Vague 'CFS' research which uses heterogeneous (mixed) patient groups must stop being wrongly and unscientifically applied to those with the distinct neurological disease M.E.

Click here to download a copy of this press release in PDF format.


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